Operation Just Cause
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The Yellow Ribbon Campaign
Missy L.

As I look around in my daily travels I have noticed that so many people have forgotten all about our POW/MIA's. I have seen this so much that it just breaks my heart. We have left Father's, Brother's, Uncle's, Friend's, and Son's behind. We have left them in a foreign country. A country that many of them had never even heard of prior to being asked to go. We asked them to go, many of them didn't want to leave home but felt is was their duty.

These brave men faced things that even in our nightmares we have never faced. They were called upon to do things that they would never even consider doing at home. These men saw things that I am sure a lot of us would never want to see and things that they can never forget. The worst thing I could think of did happen. We left brave men behind. These men were fighting for me, for you, for all of us who enjoy our freedom.  The most disturbing comment that I have been told is "They can't still be alive". Well to all those I say you're wrong. The issue seems to be the time they have been gone. Well, In performing their duties our brave men liberated prison camps containing men from France, these men had been held for almost 20 years. Not to mention the evidence that through the years has been dismissed. Yes, I know we still have men there, men that deserve to come home, men that I will never forget.

The Yellow Ribbon Campaign is our first step of reminding all those around us and gaining awareness. The problem is that those in positions who have this information at their fingertips are so busy bickering amongst themselves and other committees that they have forgotten what they are there for. They have forgotten that they are supposed to be supporting the things that are important to us.

These brave men and their families are what we are here for. They are our Brothers and we fight for our family. This campaign is our tool to get the ball rolling. A simple act with very little effort starts it rolling. Soon people will start asking questions, discussing and talking. As this picks up momentum the ball that we put in motion will begin to get the attention of others. It will not stop. It will pick up momentum until all those around us and all those around them start asking the questions. With our thunderous roar the message will reach those who have this information at there fingertips. They will begin asking questions. The questions that never should have left there lips.   Full Accounting; NOTHING Less. Let's bring these heroes home where they belong, where they should be. We will, with this small step, shout it from the mountain tops, We Will Never Forget and we refuse to let them forget.

For more information, visit: The Yellow Ribbon Campaign


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