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The items located here in the Operation Just Cause Archives were originally contributed by a member. They have been culled from past issues of our newsletter. Many are poems and other writings. They are posted here for all OJC members to enjoy. 

Please DO NOT use them without first obtaining permission from the original authors. They have granted permission for their use here at Operation Just Cause either explicitly (directly) or implicitly by offering them for posting in our newsletter under the guidelines in effect at the time.

We have had problems in the past with members usings writings and graphics found here and assuming they were in the public domain because they were posted on our site. That has never been the case.

Should you come upon a site that uses such items and either uses them without stating they have permission from the author and names the author, (hopefully with a link to them) or lists the author as anonymous, or staqtes the items are in the public domain, please let us know. 

For information on our copyright and use policies, please go here.

When you need inspiration or a rekindling of your dedication to the POW/MIA issue, read some of these.


Philladelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Barbara Malone

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