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No matter where you are at OJC.org, you will be directed here for all your staff email needs.

There are a couple places where email is also generated: initial Adoption requests which you submit via form (this information is relayed to Adoption Team members by email) and initial Ring participation request which you submit via form which is relayed to Ring Management by email.

All other email you submit through OJC.org goes through this form. It has all been designed and developed here at Operation Just Cause. This has been done to thwart individuals/companies that skulk about the Internet, snatching email addresses that will be sold to/used by spammers.

Please be advised that using this form will generate just one email to the single person/area you request. It will NOT send multiple emails to several places answering multiple questions you may have. If you have a lot of questions to different recipients/areas, they will have to be submitted individually.

Example: You want to ask about adoption and joining the ring; more than one area - more than one email through this form;

Example: You want to ask how to get an image on your page and how to make it stand out more - one area, one email.

If you are in doubt, please send individual requests for assistance. That way your responses won't be delayed while someone else figures out who gets your "other" question(s). To save you time, use your "back" option in your browser. This will keep your name, email address, and location filled in. Selecting a new area will clear the previous area selected. Change your Specific Request/Comment as needed, then click submit again. Please only click Submit once per Specific Request/Comment. 

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All fields marked with * are required.

Please select your area of interest:

Ask Adoption Management questions and/or comment on the process of adopting.
(Do NOT ask about your specific adoption request unless it was made more than a week ago)

Ask OJC Management about a specific situation or circumstance which concerns you.

Email Preferences (Please see survey below.)
What would you like to see emailed from us to you? Do you want updates from management?
Do you want to hear about what is new? About new campaigns/activities?

Donate images you have created (without using someone else's work as part of it), or ask about specific images, or ask about sizes and resolutions available. (If you need help getting the images onto your pages, please select HTML below.)

HTML (Page Help)
If you need help with an HTML coding problem, this is the place! This includes general assistance in page building as well. If you think the coding is correct but the graphic doesn't show up or the music doesn't play; use this option. If you're fairly sure the files you need have been uploaded to your site but they are displaying as you would like, this is still the option to choose.

Management Query
If you have always wanted to ask... or you want to know something specific regarding OJC either on or off the Internet, feel free to ask. If the answer does not breach our privacy policy or security concerns, we will be happy to answer, or tell you why we can not.

Membership (Please see survey below.)
Membership at OJC is automatic when you adopt. The purpose of membership is two-fold:

    We are able to tract our effectiveness and use our numbers to influence political decisions;We know you are an interested participant in POW/MIA issues and will respond to you as such.
Please ask any specific questions you may have regarding membership that aren't addressed here.

Any question(s) you have about music files we have available or a melody you would like to have here at OJC. To get answers to questions about HOW to get music added to your page(s), ask an HTML question here.

POW/MIA/KIA Status Change/Check (Please see survey below.)
To request a status check of your adopted hero(es) or notify us of a change in status that you have found, please select this option and provide details below.

Request Permission for use
To obtain an email confirming permission to use graphic and/or sound files available here at OJC just make this selection. This is an auto responder. It will generate an email stating that you have permission to use them if they are posted here. It will also note restrictions of use and what your options are regarding appropriate use. Additionally, it also allows you to state in the caption (in addition to Author info) that it is being, "Used with Permission".

Please note that use of written statements found here at OJC are copyrighted. They are owned either by Operation Just Cause or, more likely, they are owned by the originating author who reserves all rights to the work. Items submitted for use at OJC are assumed to be the work of the submitter. Such submittal grants us (OJC) the right, in perpetuity, to use the work in question here at OJC.org. This holds true for images and sound files as well.
Anyone contesting the authoring of any material posted here at Operation Just Cause will
be required to demonstrate the reason(s) for their opinion.

Update your info/email address
Please include old email address, then new email address, below. If location (City, State) has changed, just supply the new location. If your Ring page has changed, come HERE to report it.

Volunteer Positions
Find out what we currently have available or suggest something you feel should be done that you are willing to do. (For security, we limit access to the OJC domain site.

Yellow Ribbon Campaign
To inform us of your upcoming local activities or report their results, please select this option and provide details below.


Additional Information Requested:
Your age: 
If you are not an adult, make sure giving this information and adopting is OK with your parent(s)/guardian(s).

What information are you interested in receiving?Gunny's Updates
Gunny's Updates are generated solely by George "Gunny" Fallon, founder of OJC Management UpdatesReturned and Identified POW/MIA/KIA
Returned and Identified will be limited to those positively identified.Nothing At All!
Choosing this option will remove this email address from the database ( after confirmation ).

Is this an update?
( If you haven't filled out this form before, choose this option. )

( If you are changing your e-mail address or your choices, choose this option. )
Please!!! If you are notifying us about and email address change, give us your old email address in the comments box!

Specifics Request/Comment:

( Please limit comments to specific issues! )

Survey questions(these change periodically but there are never more than 10):
Regarding this form:
Would you rather fill out all your information each time (Or save it via your browser settings)?
Have a user ID/Password and have your information retrieved from a secure data file?
Have a cookie placed on your computer to store your preferences?

Would you rather OJC have fact sheets about specific cases?
Or links to them on different sites on the Internet?

Would you rather sign up for email about Returned/Released POW/MIA/KIA?
Or have this information posted and updated here at OJC?

Regarding Membership with OJC:
Membership is currently automatic for anyone that "Adopts" through OJC.
Would you rather keep it the way it is?
Have a membership option on the Adoption Request?
Have membership be available without Adopting?
Have membership option on adoption form AND have membership available without Adopting?

We are repositioning options and services. Most things are being moved into a member's area.
Some new services are being developed (like Large Text option). New security measures are being put in place (like ring options to use/not use your email address on your ring HTML snippet).

Would you rather have a "Member's Only" area (Logon would be required)?
Or a member's area where anybody can participate.

Thank you for submitting this information.

Specific data will not be used for any purpose other than determining what e-mail you wish to receive from Operation Just Cause. To read the OJC Privacy Policy, Click!

Generic data, such as choices picked or location (without using your name or e-mail address!) may be used to assist OJC in developing a general profile of our membership.

For more information on Copyright, Policy, and Privacy issues, go HERE.

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