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Welcome! This is OJC Help. From here you can request assistance or offer it. You can ask for help getting started or updating your information. You can even ask for help on getting help.

Since this page is new, you aren't familiar with the layout so we'll give you a quick outline.

Not everything here generates a form. Some of the help may be a link to a local FAQ-type response at a specific point within the new FAQ system. It is still being developed so more will be available as more questions are asked.

The layout:

  • FAQ aka Q&A
  • Specific requests for assistance via email
Within these formats, each will follow an information structure based on a typical progression from Getting Started through In-Depth Inquiries.

Like most things in life there are a few guidelines:

  • No profanity; period. This should be a place for everyone to include children.
  • Remember all staff are volunteers. They will get to you just as soon as they can. Really.
  • Please let us know where we can improve this system; offer suggestions with your criticism.
  • If you aren't sure of something (anything at all), please ask. There may be others wishing they knew the same thing.
Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

OK, let's start with the basic FAQ topics. When you find a topic of interest, click on the Click! link. When you are done reading that, click on the Back! link. If you go to get an answer and start jumping around to various topics/issues, clicking Back! will get you back here to the question relating to the answer's Back! that you clicked.

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We are not offering an exclusive adoption of anyone, to anyone.  All Prisoners of War, Missing in Action, and Killed in Action (body not recovered) have been adopted prior to your request.  It is important that you realize we need as many people as possible involved in the homecoming of each still-missing hero.

REQUIRED Fields are marked with*.

*Your First or Nickname: 
*Your Last name: 
*Your age: 
If you are not an adult, make sure giving this information and adopting is OK with your parent(s)/guardian(s).

*Your Email address: 
*Confirm Email Address: 

NOTE: You will receive a confirmation email containing the information you provide on this form. Please!!! Be sure to give your full, valid e-mail address! An email address does NOT include www. or http://  It does follow a format of: something@somewhere.end.  The end will usually be .com or .net or .org or .mil or .gov or .edu or .info or .tv but could be something else.  An email address will never contain any spaces.

Determining preferences:

Choosing between military branch and home state, please indicate the criteria that is of the most importance to you. We will try to accommodate that criteria if there is a POW/MIA who meets it.

In selecting an adoptee, your primary consideration is:

Your preferred branch of service is:

It is strongly recommended that you adopt a missing hero from the state where you currently reside because your elected representatives may take a greater interest in a POW/MIA from their own state.

Your type of adoption:
If this is a group adoption, please include your group name, local chapter, etc. in comments below.

Adoption of Category 5 personnel:

This category deals with the degree of expected enemy knowledge which states that category 5 is unrelated to degree of enemy knowledge. That isn't clear at all.

It further states that it represents individuals whose remains have been determined to be nonrecoverable as outlined in Department of the Army Technical Manual 10-286, January 1964, section 39.

Nobody is looking for them. So if the category was assigned in error...

Please let us know if you are willing to adopt someone with a Category 5 rating.

Can we send you someone matching your other criteria who is listed as a Category 5?

This form is to be used for Adoptions ONLY!  If you have a question or concern, please use one of the links at the bottom of the page.  They will lead you to many other options for communicating with OJC Staff.

Enter any other adoption related comments or questions below. As time permits, we will do our best to accomodate all adoption related requests.

Click once only please

Initial biographical and loss information on POW/MIAs provided by Operation Just Cause
has been supplied by Chuck and Mary Schantag of POWNetwork.
Biographical information is also supplied via Scope Systems, and Task Force Omega

Note: If your browser doesn't support forms, please e-mail all needed information to AdoptEmail@ojc.org

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