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We suppose the first thing to clear up should be who we are.   Our goals are listed on our entry page. They are simple and straight forward.  (We make every attempt to communicate in the same way.)   We are OJC.  We are OpJustCause.  We are Operation Just Cause.  Each name has come into its own for some of us.  So pick the one(s) you like.  That is pretty much how we work here.

Those are probably the hardest things to learn when folks start helping out at OJC.  To keep it simple, be straight-forward in the way you communicate with others, stay relaxed and, yes, it IS all right to smile and laugh.  Sometimes we really need a good chuckle to lighten the load.  Because what we are about is dead serious work.  Lives are at stake.  Freedom for abandoned heroes is at stake.  Honor is at stake.

Rules:  Please read instructions AND follow them.  No point in making more work for someone else when a little "attention to detail" will suffice, right?  Other than keeping correspondence both profanity and abuse free, these are the only "Rules" you'll find on this page.

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