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Privacy Policy

Operation Just Cause (OJC) will take reasonable and customary safeguards to protect your information. It will not be sold or exchanged or traded or given to anyone outside OJC. In this instance only, this will include Operation Higgins and any other campaigns/tasks/goal based activities DIRECTLY sponsored by OJC.

The information we request or require is used to ease communication and establish a working relationship among like-minded people with a common goal. It is used by OJC in generic demographic studies made at and for OJC without the inclusion of specific information such as name and/or email address. It is used, specifically, to contact you regarding your membership with OJC.

Membership is currently based on your adoption of a POW/MIA or KIA(bnr) through and at OJC. It is used, generically, to determine our membership strength and to pursue our stated goals through political channels.

Should our membership criteria or stated goals ever change, we will continue to protect your privacy under the current guidelines. In the event these quidelines change, any information you have given will still be held in confidence. It will not be shared in any way with anyone outside OJC.

Please recognize that we are not looking for a loophole. We are simply trying to assure you that information you provide to OJC will be kept private.

If you need more than this, go HERE and submit your concern to Management.

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