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Operation Just Cause Ring - Member Site Updates
This is where you can make updates to your ring site information and retrieve a new copy of your riing code. What we are going to need from you is your Ring ID Number which is a seven digit number starting with 1. We will also need you password so we know it is you. You received both of these when you signed up for the ring. If you have lost this information you will have to request it giving your name and as much information about your siteas you have.

1. Password:     Ring Site ID: 

2. Do you want a new copy of your ring code?
    Yes  No
We recommend that you get the code and save it for reference. If you don't want new code, please skip down to # 4

3. Choose a graphic for the ring code you will be posting. 

Operation Just Cause Ring
Also, copy a graphic to your site if it is not the same one you used or you need a new copy. Just right click on the graphic you want and select Save Image As...  Remember where you save it!
It will have to be uploaded to your hosting site. If you don't want to use a graphic, choose the text option above (looks like it was written).

You may use your choice of these graphics in your ring code.  Just click on the radio button next to that graphic to have the code changed for you.  If you want to use something else, check with us FIRST.

4.  Submit the following information. It will update the ring database. If you leave a field blank, the original value already in our database will be used.

Your Name:  This is what will appear in the ring code that we generate for you.

The URL of Your POW/MIA/KIA Page :
The page address where your ring code will reside (on your honor/memorial page, not a page full of rings).

Your POW/MIA/KIA Web Site Title: 

Your E-mail Address: 
Your email address is required. You DO NOT, however, have to post it in your ring code. We need to be able to contact you if there is a problem with how/where your ring code is posted. If you already have your email address posted on your page(s) it probably doesn't matter. If you do not post your email address on your site, you may want to avoid it being posted on the ring code. Look at the sample ring code posted above. The line that reads,                    

This site is owned by Operation Just Cause

has an email address embedded as a link with the Operation Just Cause part of the line. This is where your name will appear with your email address. If you want your email included so people can click on your name to send you an email, click Yes If you want to keep that private, click No and we won't build it into the code. Not sure? Click No.You can change it on the Ring changes page later if you change your mind.
Yes  No

New Password: 

If you have any problems, e-mail OJC Ring.)
       <- Please click ONCE only
[[ Do NOT click on the Submit button more than once.  Do NOT use the Enter/Return key anywhere on this form. Depending on your system, that may generate sending the form]]

You will be taken to a different page after you submit the above form. Your HTML code is on that page. It has already been personalized to match the information you supplied on your form. It, and a copy of the graphic, are all you'll need to add to your page. A copy of the HTML will also be included in your email.

5.  If you are replacing your Ring code, add the supplied HTML code to the appropriate page and upload the page to your site.  If you haven't already done so, upload the graphic you chose tfor your ring site.
Test the page on the Internet. Be sure to reload or refresh the new page to view your latest changes.
If we notified you of a site problem which promted you to come here, please make the necessary changes and then let us know when everything looks good. (Click!)

If you have trouble, please let us know. Click!
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