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Welcome to the OJC Ring
The purpose of this ring is to establish and maintain an unbroken ring of remembrance pages of all our POW/MIA's, to include incident reports and other information, where available.

We want these heroes' stories told!

Rather than the POW/MIA bracelets that first appeared back in the sixties (and are STILL being worn today!) this is a symbolic bracelet, or ring, that will remain in place until they are all home or adequately accounted for.

We owe this and more to those we left behind. Your creativity in developing your remembrance page is encouraged. We ask only that you follow the ring guidelines to assure a lasting sense of continuity and honor among the links in this ring. 

Thank you for being involved!

Ring Guidelines
(1) If you are adopting one still-missing service member, create a page that includes the information we sent you when you adopted.  Also incude any additional information, music, or graphics you think will be appropriate.

On this same page, include the Ring code we provide. This is the actual HTML code. You will need to include a copy of the Ring Graphic you have chosen. This graphic file must be uploaded to your site.

If you are adopting more than one person, you have the following options:

  • (2) Set up a page for each individual and add each page to the Ring as a unique point on the Ring.
  • (3) Set up a page for each person and one page that has the Ring code and a link to each of the pages with a person's information on it.
If you wish to place a COPY of the Ring code on a Rings Page, that is OK but it must also be placed as described above. The link that the OJC Ring database maintains is to your individual's page or the the URL for a page that contains the Ring Code and also contains either (1) or (2) the individual's information or(3) is your link page to multiple adoptions. Do not submit a Ring Page as your link in the Ring.

Do not use any material that is of an adult nature such as profanity and pornography.

Do not use this page as an arena to promote a personal agenda other than promoting the POW/MIA issue, veterans, issues, military service, or family related values. We have always had a significant youth membership. The Ring is intended as a place of honor and respect; even reverence.

There should be nothing offensive on that page or on a direct link from that page.
(So don't display adult language/graphics or link to them.  This is a child safe ring.)

Don't use your Ring Site as a platform for other venues.
(So don't get into other topics.  This is about our POW/MIA/KIA.  Let's keep it that way.)

Don't use your Ring Site to sell anything.
(So don't try to use our missing heroes as a way to get folks to buy anything, even if it is POW/MIA/KIA related.)

Your URL and email address should be kept current at OJC.  If you move your pages or ISP or just start using another place for your email or pages, please make changes to your information. This can be done Here.

If your site is found to be in error, we will normally notify you of the problem and ask that it be corrected.  If not corrected or the problem is one of adult material, it may be moved back to the queue.  We reserve the right to entirely remove a site from the ring at the discretion of Ring Management/Net Operations.

Joining the Ring
To Join the Ring, it is recommended that you first Adopt.

Once you receive your information you should make a Remembrance or Honor Page (this is how most members refer to their pages). There is information on this process and materials available here at OJC and at many places on the Internet.

When laying out your page or pages, keep the above guidelines in mind. They do not dictate how the overall layout should be done, just how and where the Ring code should be placed.

First time page builders are often apprehensive about making a page or pages but it is fairly simple. Please see our Page Building Help for more information.

It usually works best for a Ring member to place all the information about their Adopted on a single page. This makes finding the information and also travelling the Ring much easier for ring runners. This page may be your only page or one of many about remembering our POW, MIA, and KIA; about military service, about veterans, or about your Adopted who may even be a member of your family or community. These pages can be designed any way you wish. They can tell an on-going story, depict a particular time or place, or any other design layout you choose. The Ring may be but a small part of your pages yet still offer an unbroken link in the entire OJC Ring. Simply placing the Ring code and the person's information together helps us keep the Ring unbroken.

Being in the Ring will bring more visitor's to your page(s) but is certainly only one way that people will find your site. Search engines will find that you have placed information on the Internet and will include this information in their search database.

Back to getting the Ring site of your Adopted.

Once you have your Adopted's information on a page on the Internet, come here and join the ring. This will place your site information in our database. Your site status is Q because your site is placed in the queue automatically when you join. You will be given a Site ID number that is used by our database to link your page or pages into the Ring. Along with this ID number, you will receive your actual Ring code. This is a snippet of HTML code which will be inserted onto your page by you.

If you choose to include one of the graphics we offer, you will also need to download image file from our site and upload it to where your page is located on the Internet.

Once you have these in place and your page looks right, let us know and we will check your page and change your site status in the database to Active. This is what let's people get to your site through the Ring.

Ring code Help
Most folks who have experience making pages and joining rings can join the ring, place the code on their page, and let us know; all in a matter of minutes. But none of us started out knowing how to do this. For those that need more help than what is included informaton here, we offer member help by volunteers when things just don't seem to be going your way. For more help, Click!

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