Operation Just Cause
for as long as it takes...
So, you've adopted a missing hero, written some letters and sent some emails, and joined the OJC
Ring.  Excellent! You've still got more you need to do, a yearning to be more involved. Super!

Operation Just Cause has been around a long time. We've had our own domain (ojc.org) since 1997. Prior to that OJC was a bunch of individuals who had pages for different parts of operations. If someone moved to a different ISP (like AOL to Earthlink) they put their pages up on the new site and we all had to change our links to accomodate the change.

It was a hassle but nobody seemed to mind. We were a small, tight group, with fires in our bellies, looking for some action! Many of those great people have stepped back from the front line. Others have passed on to a place where they have the answers we are fighting for. While we miss them dearly, we also envy their new position.

This comes back to the topic of volunteering. Everyone here at OJC is volunteering; whether we have been here for a few days or from the beginning. Most of us have had to back off for a while at some point. Maybe the job got too demanding, or life was throwing too much our way, or the task of going through incident reports (looking for the right adoptee to match with a new member) just got to be too much.  And many have made it back to continue the fight on a daily basis.

The point of all this is that when you are new to the POW/MIA issues you are ready to do whatever it takes to get these heroes home. NOW!  Well, NOW! is not going to happen. If it were, we would all have moved on to fighting other dragons. Our slogan is "for as long as it takes". 

For as long as it takes we will keep fighting this fight. We will get new members to replace those whose flame died and they just went away. We will keep writing our letters, and posting our pages, and meeting together whenever and wherever possible. We will now stop just because no one has been returned to us alive. Yet. We will stick with this because it is the right thing to do and, by God, we are going to do it! Maybe we'll never see a Vietnam soldier released and returned to us alive. But our voice will be added to those of parent, sibling, spouse, and friend of those new-missing heroes of current conflicts and wars. 

If you have some time and some fire in your belly, or just a determination to keep the fight going for as long as it takes, let us know. There isn't anything here that it too hard to learn. There isn't anything here that requires hours of work everyday. But there is a lot of work that always needs doing. And there are projects that need someones guiding hand. And there are too many people that don't have any idea that so many people have been left behind by our own government, our elected officials.

When we get to a place where we can truely say, "Nobody gets left behind", and it is an immediate and lasting truth; then, and only then, can we stop to consider if our efforts are still needed. 

For those members interested in becoming a part of the Operation Just Cause Staff, please CLICK!

The requirements are straight forward. You need to:

  1. Have adopted and made a page for your adopted Prisoner of War, Missing in Action, or Killed in Action (bnr-body not recovered) service member.
  2. Have joined our OJC Ring and have an active ring status.
  3. Be ready to give us your name and address and a contact phone number. (This information is not disclosed to non-staff or to staff without a direct reason for having the information.)
  4. Be able to react to member and non-member inquiries with polite and professional responses even if they are the umpeenth person to ask you that very same question! (We probably need to make something clearer on one or more of our pages.)
Not sure? It doesn't hurt to ask. 
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